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BTW if you already used a coupon for otakumode in the last few weeks, then the one i’m posting will not work for you anymore. Just a head up.

 bubble-snowflakes whispered: Sorry but the coupon you sent me doesnt work.


:( Did you check to see if you have the coupon?


Press “TOM Points and Coupons”

and then do you see this?

if you do, then enjoy your coupon on any item you want. if you don’t, then I’ll continue to keep a lookout for any new coupons that will work. 

 Anonymous whispered: How do you get free worldwide shipping? XP I clicked the link and it took me to the alpacasso thing xD

Do you see the black stripe at the top of your screen when you clicked on it? Saying “$5 off alapacasso + free shipping” coupon? It should work. My friend just used it today and it gave her the coupon >.< don’t tell me it expired again, blehhhh 

 Anonymous whispered: you should specify that the additional $5 + free shipping is for alpacassos only, not everything we want :x

Despite the name of the coupon, the $5 applies to all of the items in the store. My friend just bought a bento box with the $5 + free shipping with it.